Revisiting Sai Kung

Wisher: Mr. Kong, 48 years old

Date of fulfillment: September 12, 2019

It is unimaginable for a father and daughter to trace their old footprints 15 years ago under blue sky and white clouds. The Kong family could finally fulfill their wish with the help of “Project Amen” volunteers.

Mr. Kong, who suffered from terminal gastric cancer, grew up in Yuen Long and moved to Sai Kung after marriage. He was attracted by the peaceful living environment in Sai Kung. He lived for five years and spent happy time with his daughter. Later, they moved to the urban area because of the location of work and daughter’s schooling. Fifteen years passed in a blink of an eye.

Under the sunny weather, the Kong family’s joyous laughter and love of fishing touched the volunteer team very much. This incident made the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival very meaningful.

I was the coordinator of this trip. When I contacted Mrs. Kong, I could feel her tenderness, and she has been taking good care for Mr. Kong. When they walked at the pier, in the park and playing swing with the daughter, they were back to the old days. The Kong folks are lively ones, they didn’t feel bad for a soon separation. They would rather be here and now to enjoy the present. It was a sweet moment, the Kongs were full of joy and satisfaction. Even a simple wish, can bring much happiness.