Chinese Wedding Photos For Us

Beneficiary: Mr Choi, aged 72
Wish journey: 2021-12-29

72-year-old Mr Choi and her cousin grew up together. The girl’s whole family moved to Brazil before she was 10. They reunited in Hong Kong later in their 20s. He was seriously affected by eye problem from heredity and lost his eyesight.
The couple went to Brazil for their marriage and hoping to find cure without success. Eventually they came back to Hong Kong.

Mrs. Choi, who later was diagnosed with cancer, always regretted that they did not have a proper wedding photo. Volunteers from Brother And Sister In Christ Foundation and their counterparts from Weddingteer make the couple’s dream came true.
They took the couple in Chinese wedding gowns to Inspiration Lake for photography. We thank Hong Kong Club Foundation for Supporting yet another wish fulfilled.