Interview with Kenny So

The interviewee of today’s session is Kenny So. He was diagnosed with athetosis when he was born, yet he did not surrender to this illness, and he is now a famous lyricist and also a registered social worker.
We were grateful that we could interview Kenny, the life fighter, to share his experience in facing adversity and his view towards life with our volunteers.

In the interview, Kenny first talked about his life. When it came to how he faced difficulties, Kenny responded to us casually and said:” It was not at all. It just took me more time to deal with homework and have revisions. “He also mentioned that he felt grateful that people he met were all nice to him and often encouraged and supported him.

The positivity he showed during the interview impressed our volunteers. Kenny believed his disability made him see the world in a different lens than normal people. He was therefore willing to share his life story so as to influence others’ lives and to spread positivity to the public.