Japanese Emotion

Wisher: Yin Yi, 28 years old
Date of fulfillment: April 21, 2019

Yin Yi, 28, was a good athlete in middle school but unfortunately suffered from bone cancer. She then suffered from blood cancer after several years of battling with the disease. It also caused her lung failure. Her lungs could only function 10 to 20%, and she had to rely on oxygen machines to breathe for the whole day.

However, she was not defeated by the disease. Instead, she used her free time to sew small animal dolls with stockings and sold them online. It took four hours to sew one but she never got tired from doing it.

Yin Yi had gone to Tokyo Disneyland with the help of a charity organization in the past. She was deeply attracted by the Japanese culture. Yin Yi wished to revisit Japan but she had to travel with a wheelchair and could not travel by plane. To fulfill her wish, the only way was to take a cruise to Okinawa, the nearest Japanese place from Hong Kong.

BASIC Foundation arranged her mothers and younger brothers to accompany her. Yin Yi’s aunt and a good friend of her mother joined at their own expenses. They had many happy hours together.

A feeble physique, yet a tough spirit! Yan Yi is never defeated by cancer, which I was deeply impressed when I first meet her. God blessed Yan Yi, that backing up with 3 respirators, Yan Yi finally fulfilled her wish to revisit Okinawa.