A Long Date

Wisher: Mr. Chan, 56 years old
Date of fulfillment: October 28, 2019

Mr. Chan, 56 years old, loved racing on a motorcycle in his youth. After an accident at the age of 19, he had been wheelchair bound since then. But he often devoted himself to voluntary work and met his girlfriend Cindy. That started a 20-year love story.

Recently in Prince of Wales Hospital, Mr Chan hoped to tie the knot with his girlfriend. The hospital social worker referred the case to our volunteer team “Project Amen”.

On the day, friends of the couple helped to decorate the ward with wedding decorations. The hospital even temporarily moved another patient in the same room to faciliate the wedding ceremony.

They made a vow in the ward to stay together forever. The bridegroom, his brother, relatives and friends were happy and wept in the ceremony. Everybody was touched by the wedding scene.

The bridegroom said in tears, “I am grateful to have my girlfriend staying with me for 20 years”

What inspired me deeply is, from my volunteer works in “Project Amen” Wish Journey, I realize I should treasure the times with my family folks, and how should I live my life properly.