Fish Freedom

Wisher: Ms. Fung, 58 years old
Date of fulfillment: January 7, 2020

When Ms. Fung was six years old, the family went on a trip to Guangzhou. They were arrested for engaging in illegal activities. Her parents were imprisoned. Her father died in prison and his mother was released after more than ten years.

Due to the political environment at that time, none of the four children in the family was allowed to go to school. They lost their childhood and parental care.

The family eventually returned to HK. Ms. Fung was married and had a daughter. She has to work hard to earn a living for her family. On a visit to Ocean Park, she was attracted by the fish swimming freely in the water. She couldn’t help recalling her lost freedom.

Since then, she has been obsessed with the fish in the Ocean Park but never had the opportunity to visit there again. Our volunteers knew that the cancer patient’s wish was a race against time.

Finally, our volunteers made Ms. Fung’s dream come true. Her daughter and sisters were thankful for the journey.