Blessing to Daughter

Wisher: Mr. Wong, 72 years old
Date of fulfillment: January 4, 2018

Mr. Wong had completed a major cancer operation, three days before his daughter Cherry getting married. His daughter sought help from Brothers And Sisters In Christ Foundation (BASIC) volunteers to make Mr. Wong’s wish to attend the wedding come true.

Senior nurse Sandy Wong and other BASIC volunteers escorted Mr. Wong from hospital ward to HK Disneyland Hotel for the ceremony.

Sandy recalled the situation on that day, “I arrived at hospital and saw Mr. Wong. He seemed a little bit tired but he was still in good spirit. I checked the stomach and made sure that the equipment was properly set up, then I helped Mr. Wong get into a wheelchair and set off.”

“When he arrived to the hotel, his daughter and his wife were touched with tears. After the ceremony, Mr. Wong was a bit dizzy and pale. I helped him to lie down on bed and checked his blood pressure. I believed that he was uncomfortable because he had been in a wheelchair for a long time. “

“Mr. Wong’s condition improved a short while and the marriage ceremony resumed. Seeing him signing in front of witnesses, everyone was very pleased. Relatives, friends, Disneyland staff and volunteers were full of tears, they applauded and blessed the couple. After the ceremony was completed, I escorted Mr. Wong back to the hospital.”

On May 27, 2018, Mr. Wong passed away peacefully.

"I had been a nurse in the government hospital for many years. Daily, our ward was so busy that we could not meet each patient’s wish though we are mindful to do so. I witnessed that many critical ill patients just passed away without wishes fulfilled. The service is very meaningful to me, because even at my retirement now, I am in the Project Amen still offering my professional knowledge to help these wishers."
Sandy Wong
Nurse Volunteer