A Special Lunch

Wisher: Holly, 50 years old
Date of fulfillment: November 8, 2017

Holly’s lymphoma made her difficult to walk. She had given up chemotherapy. Her mother was working hard to take care of her illness so Holly hoped to thank the whole family with dinner. However, Holly’s health had turned worse. She could only host lunch for mother.

“Project Amen” volunteers brought her favorite food. Celebrity Chef Ricky Cheung delivered homemade cakes in person, bringing desserts from another famous chef, Tony Wong.

She said the lunch and the visit made a colorful memory in her life. 

On this day, there is no extravagance, no deluxe restaurant decor, no silver tableware and the table cloth is a plain plastic sheet. Our volunteers just bring takeaway and put it into the bowls. "I am terribly sorry! I am not in good shape to welcome you at this first time.", Holly held my hand and said. Thank you, Holly! I realized how strong you could be, and the immense love to your mother even in your own sufferings.
Jenny Wong
(Video in Chinese subtitles only)