“Care100” Home Visit to Elderly

Activity Date: 4th September, 2021

With the donation of the Hong Kong Club Foundation, Volunteers of the Brothers And Sisters In Christ Foundation team up with members of Hong Fook Church in Shatin to visit low-income elderly aged 70 and above in their neighbourhood in the past few weeks. They visited more than 100 and voted to reach more in the coming months, likely before Christmas and Chinese New Year.

In four afternoons, volunteers in a team of two or three visited beneficiaries living alone in housing estates. They brought daily necessities including cocking oil, milk, oatmeal, rice noodles, umbrellas (that can be used as walking sticks) and masks. This was the first home visit for many elderlies since the start of the pandemic 18 months ago.

"We were the first group of outsiders coming through their doors in months. Many gave us a big hug with tears from their eyes.”
HKU student volunteer Carmen Fong