In Grace & Optimism

Beneficiary: Ms. Yeung, aged 24
Wish journey: January 21, 2022

Ms. Yeung is suffering from a rare hereditary disease that attacked her eyes, spleen, brain and kidney at the same time. Though the illness started when she was 17, she fights with optimism. She wishes to use her personal experience to encourage people suffering from sickness. 

Her parents divorced when she was a child. Worse still, she witnessed her grandpa, father and aunt were all killed by this life-threatening disease. Yet, she does not give up on this adversity and keeps learning new things and tries to improve each day. 

The BASIC Foundation and Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Church cooperated to publish her bibliography with beautiful drawings. She planned to give them out to encourage people with the illness. 

She planned a sharing session in her secondary school, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. 

We are certain that her life journal can bring comfort and blessing to many others.