Last Minute Family Reunion

Beneficiary: Madam Cheng, aged 72
Wish Journey: 2021-11-7

72-year-old Madam Cheng lost almost her eyesight and hearing from illness. A stroke years earlier took away her husband’s self-care ability. Their youngest son has already migrated to UK while the eldest son will follow soon. She watched with anxiety each day, as they all know it would be hard for family reunion again.

Social worker from HK Society for the Blind turned to Brothers And Sisters In Christ Foundation for help. Our volunteers raced against time and managed to take the whole family to Ocean Park for a day-tour, only about 20 hours before they took off.

Madam said the family had a very good time about 40 years ago when the couple took their kids to the Park. They wished to re-experience the warmth down the memory lane. She said, “My younger son and his family had moved to UK last month. The eldest one will depart shortly. I am very thankful for the volunteers to let us catch what likely to be the last chance of family reunion.

Our thanks go to HK Club Foundation for their donations to make this wish come true. Our blessings to the family and the kind-hearted supporters in the Foundation. Hats Off to HK Club Foundation.