Love of Deserts

Wisher: Sze Wai 28 years old
Date of fulfillment: June 5, 2019

28-year-old Sze Wai, suffering from cerebellar atrophy, accompanied by her mother, sister and a group of volunteers, went to the Walt’s Café of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to taste the exquisite desserts to fulfill her long-awaited wish.

“Project Amen” volunteers sincerely thank the Disney’s leaders, especially Disney Ambassador Melody, for of the treat with love and care.

"Illness is always painful for anyone and the family. I felt heart broken when the first time I saw Sze Wai and her mother. Although the trip was a single event, the meaning behind this was so profound – it inspired us that even a piece of sweet memory could mean so much love and peace; and for those who are in suffering they can feel they are still living in love."
Choi Wan Yim