Belated Wedding Pictures

Wisher: Ms. Leung, 88 years old, Husband Mr. Chan, aged 93
Date of fulfillment: June 8, 2019

Mr. Chan and his wife Mrs. Chan, who are in their 90s, finally fulfilled their desire to take the wedding photos with the help from “Project Amen” volunteers.

Mrs. Chan was given a girly, shy makeup look with the superb skills of the makeup artist volunteer Fa Tsang. In order to make Mr. Chan look wise and good, Kalmond Ma, Vice Chairman and Executive Committee member of the Foundation, lent the exquisite bow tie to him. Many thanks to volunteers including Frankie, Juvine, Arale and Andrew for their efforts.

"Today I help taking photos and changing the dresses. I have seen many wedding couples. I usually bless them with a bible clause "Rejoice with them that do rejoice". Yet sometimes, a lifetime promise can be changed for various reasons. Today, I am deeply moved, that after years of marriage testimony this old couple is still loving each other and they are eagerly looking forward to have wedding photos."
Juvine Cheng