Tributes to Hometown Ancestors

Wisher: Mr. Yip, 37 years old
Date of fulfillment: August 5, 2019

Mr. Yip, a 37-year-old professional photographer, suffered from brain cancer and was transferred from the Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin to Jockey Club Home for Hospice for recuperation.

When a social worker from the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society visited Mr. Yip, he knew that his wish was to return to his hometown in Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen with his family to visit his 83-year-old grandmother and uncle’s family. He also hoped to pay homage to his family ancestral grave. However, due to Mr. Yip’s poor health, he was not able to move easily and could not make the trip on his own.

The social worker referred the case to the Basic Foundation and was assisted by “Project Amen” volunteers. Nurse volunteer Arale and two off-duty firefighter volunteers Raymond and Ken accompanied the Yip family back to their hometown.

Mr. Yip said: “Since admitted to hospital several months ago, I had not been exposed to sunlight for a long time. Basking in sunlight had greatly increased my physical strength. Not only did I restore some of my lost vision, but my physical strength also improved. I went up and down the hillside without a cane. I am very grateful that I could taste the porridge cooked by my grandmother and could refill the ancestor’s stone tablet with gold paint.”

I was surprised that Mr. Yip did not be defeated but was energized to walk up the hills under the blazing sun. Mr. Yip insisted even he was not fully recovered, and did so only for the wish to worship the clan ancestors graves. Mr. Yip gained our respects for his loving hearts and everything he did to his ancestors!