Hometown Reunion

Wisher: Mrs. Fung, 95 years old
Date of fulfillment: October 13, 2019

Mrs. Fung went to Hong Kong to earn a living in her early years so that her brother in the hometown live a better life. But she had not returned after hurting herself in a fall ten years ago.

After referral by staff of Yan Chai Nursing Home, the Basic Foundation immediately arranged to make her dream come true.

Mrs. Fung told his relatives and friends that this trip might be the last farewell and asked everyone to live their life to fullness.

Her nephew expressed gratitude to the staff and the volunteers for helping her aunt to return to her former residence so she pay respect to ancestors.

I was a bit worry about the 3 hours journey when I saw 95-year-old Aunt Fung, yet we arrived safely. Strolling around in the village, meeting old neighbors and reminiscing the good old days, Aunt Fung was so exhilarated. She enjoyed so much to examine fruit trees, going around at fish ponds and farmlands. I wish Aunt Fung all the happiness and an enjoyable old age!