Happy Ferris Wheel

Wisher: Mr. Lui 92 years old
Date of fulfillment: November 5, 2019

Mr. Lu who is 92 years old always yearns for the good memories of his youth. His wish was going to Guangzhou. However, due to his illness and age, he could not make his wish come true. The social worker of the Yan Chai Hospital Hong Kong Peninsula Lions Club Elderly Home saw this and turned to the Basic Foundation for help.

After talking to Mr. Lu, the volunteers found out that Mr. Lu had gone to Guangzhou with his big family and they had a very happy journey. Whenever they recalled the situation, they could still vividly remember the trip. However, due to Mr. Lu ‘s poor health condition, his health could not take the 10-hour long journey. After discussion, he finally decided to go to a traditional tea house in the Western District with his younger sister and to spend a day with his family in Ocean Park.

I can feel a lot of fun and love when I accompanying the Lui’s folks. I feel happy too when I review the photos seeing Uncle Lui is happy as a kid and so enthusiastic.